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Students are to report ALL accidents to the instructors immediately - no matter how minor.

Equipment needed

  1. Your child must change into gym clothes to participate. A t-shirt and athletic wear (shorts, sweatpants/leggings) are required. No shorts with zippers are permitted. No tanktops. 
  2. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended as we go outside for fall and spring sports. 
  3. Athletic shoes are required. No shoes with heels or hiking boots are allowed. Shoes must have a back on them -- no slip-ons.
  4. Combination padlock - MUST be a school lock purchased in the school office.
  5. All clothes must be labeled. Label can be on inside tag or hem.
  6. Optional: Deodorant may be brought but must not be in a glass container, or spray (triggers asthma symptoms). 


Locker room rules

  1. No running is allowed. The floor is slippery when wet.
  2. No horseplay.
  3. Lockers must be locked at all times.
  4. No food, drink or gum in the gym or locker room at any time.
  5. Do not leave valuables, student chromebook, money or clothing unlocked in the locker rooms. Students are provided with a gym locker. Padlocks are sold in the school office. Please use them as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

General rules

  1. Students are given 5 minutes to dress before and after class.
  2. Students are expected to enter the gym and sit in their designated spot for attendance. 
  3. Jewelry, including watches, should not be worn in class -- for your protection and that of classmates.
  4. No books are to be brought into the gym area. Backpacks are to be left in homeroom lockers. 
  5. Any student needing to be excused from class due to illness or injury must bring a note from their parent or guardian.
  6. Anyone who has had a prolonged illness or injury requiring them to miss more than 2 classes in a row must bring in a physician's excuse.

Medical excuse

  1. A student will be excused from participation in class only if he or she has a dated excuse from the parent. It must have a terminating date for the length of the excuse. This excuse is good for only one or two classes.
  2. If a student will be unable to participate for more than two classes in a row, a physician's excuse is necessary. This will be kept on file. This is an MMSD School Board policy.

Criteria for grading

Skills and techniques, knowledge, application, prepared for lcass with proper attire, participation

Physical Education instructors

Ms. Guse 204-4657
Ms. Robinson 204-4657
Mr. Logterman 204-4656