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Not all absences are the same!


If a student is ill, or attending an appointment he/she may be excused with a phone call to the attendance line, 204-4702 or you may also connect with a form below.  Or should you choose to submit an excuse on paper, it is helpfull for the student to come to the office in the morning with a note stating; name, reason, date and time your child will need to go out.  A note from the medical provider should follow these excused reasons.


If taking your student out for a personal reason, parents/guardians are required, in advance, to submit a "Request for Pre-approval of a Planned Absence" form. This is the form that should be turned prior to a trip or vacation. This allows the school/teachers/students to all be on the same page. This form appears differently on the attendance report. The link is below.

As you know, the safety of all of our students are a concern. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please read below to learn which category your child's absence falls into.


CLICK HERE if you child is Absent or Tardy for recognized reasons because they are ill

  • are going to a medical appointment

  • are hospitalized

  • are attending a funeral, or because of a death in the immediate family

  • or due to inclement weather

  • religious holiday/instruction

  • a family emergency

  • the fact that they missed a ride that MMSD provides directly for you (not Madison Metro "Dodger" busses)

  • the fact that they are ordered to appear in court


CLICK HERE for electronic submission of a Pre-approval of a Planned Absence

if the student is absent for personal reasons in advance such as (i.e)+**


  • going on any kind of "vacation" trip
  • participating in an event such as a play, sports or other activity

  • visiting with, or having a meal with, a relative

  • shadowing at another school

+ This includes Partial day absences.