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Hamilton Middle School Daily Announcements


Thursday, September 21, 2017 – White Day




Today’s Value Meal Choices

All Value Meals come with fruit and or veg choices and milk



General Tso Chicken over brown rice                            Cheeseburger and Seasoned Fries

Pepperoni Pizza                                               Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad and Zesty Quinoa




                                                                  Cross Country - meet on the ramp ready to run

                                                                   Horseback Riding – meet in the breezeway

                                                                    Outdoor Club – Rm 151

                                                                    Ultimate Frisbee Club – outside weather permitting

                                                                   Ultimate Frisbee Team – outside weather permitting


Student Announcements:

No Hats or Electronics.  Off and away all day.



Outdoor Club members should bring in their paperwork for Thursday's trip as soon as possible. 

See Mr. W. if you still want to join the club.


Fall Tennis: Hamilton will have a fall tennis program this year playing on Mondays.  Paperwork is available outside the MSCR office, all paperwork must be completed prior to attending the program. 


Ultimate Frisbee:  In addition to the Ultimate Frisbee Club, Hamilton will have a 7th and 8th grade Ultimate Frisbee team this year.  Practice will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, information and permission packets are available outside the MSCR office. 


The deadline for joining Science Olympiad is Monday September 23.  All forms must be to Mrs. Vogel by that day. No exceptions!!  All kids who have joined should go online and select the events they are interested in, contact Mrs. Vogel with questions!




Table Washers For the Week of Sept 18:


Grade 6: Mrs. Duffield – Esme B., Jackie C., Henry C., Sofi D-G., Bartu D., Francisca E.A.


Grade 7: Mr. Long –Cobain., Samuel R., Dyami R., Kevin S.,

                                     Vianne W., Stella W., Zoe W.


Grade 8: Mrs. Eggert – Ben A., Gemma B., Jonathan B., Daniel B., Grace B.,

                                               Gibby D., Maddie E., Owen G., Casey G.