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Madison Metropolitan School District

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking forward to a new school year, and appreciate your interest in supporting our students and staff!

Schools are the heart of any community, and the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) is Community Strong. You – our neighbors, local businesses, nonprofits, and other community members – are what makes Madison special. Madisonians are known for supporting public education as well as coming together to support each other. Together, we can support our students and staff in academics, healthy meals, as well as social-emotional, mental, and physical health support to our families during this pandemic.

When you become a volunteer, your work takes on special significance — though you are not part of the staff, you do share the same responsibilities of keeping students safe.

MMSD is committed to anti-racist practices, equity, inclusion, and upholding our core beliefs. The volunteer and non-MMSD personnel approval process and trainings are in alignment with that vision, and it's important for volunteers and non-MMSD personnel to have a shared understanding.

MMSD places a high value on safety and well-being; the approval process which includes background check, vaccination verification and training modules are important for the safety and well-being of students, staff, and volunteers.

School volunteers may be parents or community members. Volunteers can be utilized in a variety of situations in schools, ranging from one time only events to monthly, weekly or daily commitments. They may provide tutorial help, monitor lunchrooms, assist in the libraries, lunchrooms or playgrounds.

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