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Madison Metropolitan School District

Fifth to Sixth Grade Orientation

Students sit in a line in the grass

As principal of Hamilton Middle, I want to welcome you and your child to an important chapter in their education and growth: the transition to middle school! You are receiving this information bulletin because your child is currently in fifth grade and is enrolled in an elementary school that matriculates to Hamilton Middle.

Below please find important items designed to help you and your child transition to middle school.

Connecting at Elementary Schools

Our Hamilton Middle counselors have visited all Hamilton Middle feeder schools and shared this presentation with all fifth grade classrooms. The presentation gives a good overview of many important aspects of middle school including start and end times, transportation, student schedules, lockers, after school programs, and more.

Music Selection Form

Incoming 6th grade students have submitted their music selection form for 6th grade. If your child has not yet completed this step, please call our Hamilton Middle office at (608) 204-4620.

Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade Orientation Meetings

Meet the Staff!