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Thursday, Sept.12, 2019Blue Day                        

You belong here!

Target behavior:  Be where you are scheduled to be.

Today’s Value Meal Choices:

All Value Meals come with fruit and/or veggie choices and milk.

Italian Sub turkey ham, turkey pepperoni, & pepperjack cheese       Chili Lime Chicken Tacos vegetarian

Pepperoni Pizza                                                       Tuna Chef Salad and Thai Salad vegetarian

Garden bar choices

Thursday:                                                               Ultimate Frisbee– meet on the field weather permit

Student Announcements:

Youth Voice & Vision is accepting applications today and tomorrow. If you are interested in joining a group of students and adult leaders for monthly discussions to discover what schools are already doing well and discuss where change is needed please apply at: Monthly meetings occur Friday mornings, you will be excused from class. Food and transportation will be provided.

Contact Mrs. Rowley for the link and more information if you are interested. She is located in Room 165 and can be reached at

Cross Country runners:  Please join the cross country google classroom using code om95jm for all your paperwork. ALL paperwork needs to be turned in to be able to run.

Ultimate Frisbee will meet Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays weather permitting.

Interest in the club was incredible.  Unfortunately we will not have room for those that have already been in the club in the past.  I am very sorry!.  Mr. W.

Picture day will be on Sept. 27.  Make sure to get your photo taken to update your IC image.

Table Washers for the Week of Sept. 9

Mrs. Duffield - Albarran-C, Erendira, Ismail A., Arthur B., Daisy B., Tian C., Stephanie C., Andrew DeV.

Ms. Godfrey – Pilar, Moncerat, Karris, Julie, Duyen, Rigo

Mrs. Brown - Mira W., Clare N., Max B., Gabe S., Henry J., Adrien G., Max V.