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Tuesday, June 11, 2019White Day

Finish with pride!  You belong here.

Today’s Value Meal Choices:

All Value Meals come with fruit and/or veggie choices and milk.

Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots                               Hamburger and Baked Tater Tots

Beef Pepperoni Calzone                                            Chicken Caesar Salad or Apple Crunch Salad

Garden Bar features, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, canned fruit, and romaine lettuce salad

Student Announcements:

Congratulations to the May Class Hawk Buck Winner: Mrs. Wellenstein's 6th period Reading class for 100% of students being on time to class!  Way to go!  You will have some tasty treats coming your way! 

Today will be the 8th Grade end of the year trip to Governor Dodge!

6th and 7th Grade tomorrow will be your end of the year field trips!  Woo hoo!

Tomorrow  8th Grade will celebrate Movin’On!

Students will be returning chromebooks soon! Your teacher will tell you when. You will need to return:

1. Chromebook (either your regular one or a loaner)

2. Charger

3. Bag

Please be sure to put your charger in your bag so that you have it with you when you need to turn it in!

Table Washers for the Week of June 10:

Mrs. Duffield - Arden G., Avery G., Robert I., Trygve J., Jeff L., Julia LaC.

Mrs. McMunn - Ari B., Eleanor, Isabel I., Libby S., Elizaveta S.

Ms. Gritt - Mattie S., Arya K., Shriya K., Izzy P., Victoria J., Jennifer C.