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Friday, Dec.7, 2018 – Blue Day

Think about what you post online!

Today is a shortened schedule because of ACT.

At 1:42 today please go to the ACT room assignment!  Have fun!

Today’s Value Meal Choices

All Value Meals come with fruit and veg choices and milk

Philly Cheesesteak Sub                                   Hot Dog and Baked Tater Tots

French Bread Cheese Pizza                              Chicken Caesar Salad or Veggie Salad`

Garden Bar features fresh fruits, fresh veggies, canned fruit, and lettuce and vegetable

Friday                                                           Art & Craft Club – Rm.147

                                                                   SciFi Club – Rm.26

Student Announcements:

Do Not Open the Doors for Anyone!  This is a security issue. 

No electronics, earbuds or hats.

Students, you MUST be supervised after school whether or not you are attending Clubs or other MSCR programs. Students who are not supervised or in clubs by 2:55 must leave the building.

Important reminders about our snow rules on the playground:

  • The snow should stay on the ground. No snowballs!  It's just not safe.
  • Snow can be rolled to make a snowman, but otherwise should not be picked up, thrown or kicked.

Thanks for doing your part to keep recess safe and fun for everyone! 

Is Battle of the Books for you??  If the answer is YES, please turn in a Team Registration sheet to

Ms Phelps or Ms Gerth in the LMC.  All ELA teacher have them, and they are also in the LMC!  If you want to join an existing team, come to the LMC and we will show you the teams that still getting formed, and you can choose one to join.  Come join the fun!  Registration forms are due to the LMC before Winter Break.

The weather is getting cold.  We will continue to go outside unless it is colder than ten degrees below zero.  Take all of your coats and mitts to the cafeteria with you.  You will not be allowed to get them before going out.

Table Washers for the Week of Dec. 3:

Grade 6: Ms. Guede – Gwyneth, Clarke, Ali, Leah, Max T, Evan W.

Grade 7: Ms. Smith - Jahn F., Andrew G., Zahra G., Dakota H., Bobby H., Seakang H.

Grade 8: - Ms. Livings - Mara C., Max S., Andrei C., Caleb D., Gerson G., Misheel K.

Attention Student Teachers and Practicum Teachers:

Please remember to return your classroom door key to the office before you leave at the end of your semester.

We hope you enjoyed your experiences here