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Madison Metropolitan School District

1970 Van Hise Viking Reunion

It was a bright sunny day in June when the Van Hise Junior High Class of 1970 stopped by our Hamilton campus for a reunion tour. Through 1970 our current campus had a single name (Van Hise), and included students in kindergarten through ninth grade. The group visiting us was the last ninth grade to be on our campus as the next year the school was changed to a middle school format, serving students K-8. The group regaled in the fact that much of the original campus had not changed much since 1970, and shared many stories from years past. There was particular interest in our upper breezeway where I was told that students "sprinted through here every day to get to the cafeteria". Yep, that hasn't changed either! Stories of shoe dances, stolen milk money, and fond memories of teachers from long ago were shared. A good time was had by all!

By: John Burkholder, Principal